Farriery Services

I graduated farrier school in the spring of 2012 from Arkansas Horseshoeing School. I went back home to Illinois and started my business, South Side Forge.  I continued to work with experienced farriers like Danvers Child, and Steve Sermersheim to further my education. With their help I received my Certified Farrier certificate from the American Farriers Association in May of 2013. 

I try to attend as many clinics and continuing education functions as I can throughout the year.  The art of farriery has many basic fundamentals but is an ever-evolving trade. New products and techniques coming along all the time and it’s important to stay current on as much as you can.

Even while in school I started doing some blacksmithing along with the forge work I use to shoe horses.  I have continued to do more blacksmith work and have done several custom orders.  I employ age old blacksmith skills along side modern techniques and tools to make all my projects.

farrier working on horseshoe